relax. retreat. repeat.

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“I was able to feel my shoulders relax as I took in a breath of the crisp Highlands air.”

-Charlotte, Edinburgh

“The WiFi connection was great and let us work just as we would from home except with the addition of the melodic sounds of the river and calming nature-filled view. “

-Catriona, New York

“Blissful! My batteries are fully recharged after our stay at this magical and very special place.”

-Lynne, Edinburgh

“There is lots to do but we equally loved sitting on the deck listening to the river – just so peaceful.”

-Cate, London

“This little home Is the perfect getaway for anyone wanting a relaxing break. I went with my mum and sister, but it would be perfect for any dynamic that is seeking a serene break from the bustling chaos of modern day life.”

-Milo, Edinburgh

“Beautiful setting within the site with the river flowing by just outside was idyllic.”

-Gilly, Edinburgh

 “We were in the river every day, we were jumping in waterfalls and we were gazing at the stars at night.”

-Heather, Edinburgh

“Super relaxing hearing the sound of the river, beautiful view from deck, lovely interior and lots to do nearby. Had a wonderful stay!”

-Jessica, London

“All in all, the lodge is absolutely the perfect place for a trip into a beautiful part of Scotland, not too far from the major cities, with everything you need for a great getaway with friends, family or even on your own, as it’s in a safe, quiet and really well looked after park with great facilities.”

-Jeannie, Edinburgh